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One of the reasons TikTok became massively trendy today is because of the current COVID-19 crisis. Many people were forced to stay at home to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Recently, the Singapore government initiated “circuit breaker” measures to curb the spread of COVID-19. As a result, the majority of the workers were compelled to work from home from 7 April to 4 May 2020.   As the situation develops, people have turned to social media to ease their boredom of being stuck at home. Particularly, in TikTok, hashtags greatly flourished, which provided ample entertainment to many of its users. If you’re on TikTok, you should watch out for these trending hashtags in Singapore today. We’ve compiled here this week’s three most viewed hashtags for you to watch or join.   [caption id="attachment_16835" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Screengrab of the #stayathome hashtag archive page on TikTok[/caption]  

#StayAtHome – Fight Boredom and COVID-19 with this TikTok Challenge

In response to the global fight against COVID-19, TikTok came up with the #StayAtHome challenge saying:       As we adjust to life at home, there is no excuse to slack off! As a true-blue TikToker, there are many activities you can document to show us while you #stayathome! Using the hashtag, TikTok encourages everyone to stay active while at home. TikTokers indeed flocked to the #stayathome hashtag with their own videos. From singing with their kids to demonstrating home workouts, it shows that there are endless possibilities for you to have fun at home. As an example, Singapore-based actor and film-maker Jaze Phua took part in the #stayathome challenge with a video while wearing face masks.
@jazephuaWith entertainment venues ban, we create our own entertainment ##sgunited ##stayathome ##HandWashChallenge @TikTok Singapore @Douglas Tan @Debra L♬ original sound - Jaze Phua
To date, the hashtag has a whopping 7.4 billion views from all over the world. [caption id="attachment_16837" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Screengrab of the #LepakAtHome hashtag archive page on TikTok[/caption]  

#LepakAtHome – Lepak in Your Most Creative Way and Win a Prize!

If you’re going crazy “doing nothing” at your own home, why not lepak and win a prize? The #LepakAtHome hashtag challenge on TikTok invites you to “record a video of what you do to #LepakAtHome in your most creative way possible.” Either you’re tidying your bedroom or cuddling with your pets, you can do whatever you want in your TikTok video. Again, it has to be your most creative way of lepaking! This popular Singaporean origami artist, for instance, participated in the contest by showing his knack for the art of paper folding.  
@zihaolol98My kind of ##LepakAtHome Some Art and magic? What’s yours?##AJSpringBreak♬ Spring Break - AJ Mitchell
In addition to your recording, you also have to add a particular AJ Mitchell song to your video to join. When done, post the video on your TikTok profile with the hashtag #LepakAtHome and #AJSpringBreak. Make sure to set your profile to public. Now with 2.1 million views, the hashtag challenge is a contest by Sony Music Singapore to promote AJ Mitchell’s latest track titled Spring Break. It is available to Singapore and Malaysia TikTok participants and runs until 29th April 2020. Three winners will win some relaxing kit pampering goods. So, give your best in lepaking at home!

#DoTheLifebuoySG – Be Extra Clean and Safe with Proper Handwashing

With currently 1.9 million views, the new handwashing challenge on TikTok has certainly grabbed the attention of millions of Singaporeans. [caption id="attachment_16834" align="alignnone" width="1024"]TikTok Hashtag Challenges Screengrab of the #DoTheLifebuoySG hashtag archive page on TikTok[/caption]   Famous Singaporean TikTok influencers like Benjamin KhengJian Hao TanTaufik BatisahCrystabel and even SGAG SG participated in the challenge. Coupled with a few dance moves, some TikTokers also lip-synced to the campaign song titled Do It Right and We’ll Be Alright by Ng Zheng Yao.

Jian Hao Tan – 342.5K followers

@thejianhaotanDo it right and we’ll be alright! ##DoTheLifebuoySG ##extracleanfam ##ad♬ Do It Right and We'll Be Alright - Ng Zheng Yao

Crystabel – 214K followers

@crystabel_Do it Right and we’ll be alright! ##DoTheLifebuoySG ##ExtraCleanFam ##Ad♬ Do It Right and We'll Be Alright - Ng Zheng Yao

SGAG SG – 110.3K followers

@sgag_sgSince everyone’s doing it.. here’s our ##DoTheLifebuoySG for the ##ExtraCleanFam LOLL ##fyp ##foryou ##sgtiktok ##dance ##viral ##SGUnited♬ Do It Right and We'll Be Alright - Ng Zheng Yao

Benjamin Kheng – 15.1K followers

@benjaminkhengWhen the Rona tryna creep on you, you creep on the Rona.Do it right and we’ll be alright. #D#oTheLifebuoySG #E#xtraCleanFam #S#GUnited #A#d♬ Do It Right and We'll Be Alright - Ng Zheng Yao

Advocating Good Hygiene with TikTok Ads

#DoTheLifebuoySG is an initiative of Lifebuoy Singapore to promote proper handwashing steps. In its campaign description, Lifebuoy said: Are your loved ones washing their hands right? Lifebuoy challenges you to team up with your fam to #DoTheLifebuoy handwash and be extra clean. Follow our hand washing steps and tag #DoTheLifebuoySG and #ExtraCleanFam. Together, let’s keep Singapore safe! To spread the word to a larger scale, Lifebuoy also made use of TikTok ads. Through the hashtag challenge ad format, the personal care brand was able to reach nearly 2 million views in a short time.

Key Takeaway

There are plenty of ways to have fun at home. As TikTok said in its #stayathome brief, you can cook, play games, and laugh at home! In fact, this is the best time for you to take up the online course or language lessons you’ve been planning to do. Who knows? Maybe you’ll get to speak fluent Japanese in a month. Or you can finally play the guitar in four weeks! But most importantly, we all get to be safe and sound while enjoying being at home. And with that, we also help improve the crisis by staying at or working from home. After all, the only way to fight boredom is to not slack off and be productive wherever you are – so be it at the comforts of your own home!
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